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VE: Vegan      V: Vegetarian      GF: Gluten Free


View our festive season set menus for group reservations of 8+ guests. 


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COCKTAILS 1.5 Oz. 10

Sumac Sour

Sumac, spiced rum, house made sumac syrup, egg white, lemon juice

B n C 

Fresh basil, coriander, tequila, lemon juice, lime zest, tamarind, simple syrup

Hibiscus Bloom

Fresh cucumbers, house made hibiscus syrup, lime juice, gin, tonic 

Sea Salt & Sage

Gin, fresh sage, raw sugar, grapefruit juice

Coconut Zing

Coconut rum, lime, cilantro, Bird Eye chili, fresh ginger

Grapefruit Jam

Vodka, Aperol, rosewater, ginger syrup, fresh grapefruit juice


Seasonal Draught 8oz/16oz:  4/7.5

Good Company Lager 5.75

Wheat, 33 Acres of Sunshine 6.5

Pale Ale, Talisman Strange Fellows 7.5

Amber, P49 Ruby Tears 6.5

IPA, Steamworks 7.5

Oat Porter, Four Winds 7

Gluten Free Pale Ale, Omission 8

Cider, Red Roof  7



Seasonal Iced Tea  4.5

Hibiscus Lemonade  4

Kombucha  5.75

Tamarind  3.5

Jallab  3.5