Doodoo - the shot  $5

If you've ever been to Lebanon, you probably know this is how your evening will start on a Friday night

Arak  $10/$30

A Levantine alcoholic spirit. It is clear, colorless, unsweetened anise-flavoured distilled alcoholic drink


Local Rotating list $6-7.5


Homemade Lemonade  $4

Rise Kombucha  $5

Virgin Hibiscus Bloom  $5

Cocktails (1.5 oz)

The Scotch Cocktail  $9

Scotch whiskey, dry & sweet vermouth, lemon juice, egg whites

Tequila Breeze  $9

Tequila gold, fresh rosemary, cucumber, lime juice

Coconut Zing  $9

Coconut rum, cilantro, ginger, Bird Eye Chili, limes

Sea Salt & Sage  $9

Gin, fresh sage, raw sugar, grapefruit juice

Hibiscus Bloom  $10

Gin, lime, organic hibiscus, tonic, cucumber